Refuah Shlaymah

May the One who blesses all life, bless and heal these people who struggle against illness - both seen and unseen.

May those afflicted with disease be blessed with faith, courage, loving and caring.

May they know much support and sustenance from their friends, their loving companions and their communities.

May they be granted a full and complete healing of soul and body.

May those who seek ways of healing through increased medical knowledge and those who care for the sick daily be blessed with courage, stamina and communal support.

May all, the sick and the well together be granted courage and hope. And let us say; Amen.

Every Shabbat the Shavuon includes a list of people for whom we pray for speedy recovery from illness, the Refuah Shlaymah. Every name is read aloud and a special Mi Sheberach is recited.  Names can be added to the list by filling out the form below. Alternatively, members wishing to add names to the list can contact the office by phone at 301-474-4223 or by e-mail at  

Members placing a name on the list should indicate whether the name belongs on the short-term list or the long-term list.  Short-term names will be kept on the list for four weeks while long-term names will be retained for twelve weeks.  It is the responsibility of the member who requested the name to renew after the four or twelve week time period.  If the office does not hear back, the name will be removed.

On this page immediately below the submission form, you will find a spreadsheet with the Refuah Shlaymah listings.  The spreadsheet is only visible to members who register by sending their gmail address to  After receiving a member's gmail address, we will adjust the permissions on the spreadsheet so that someone logging in with that gmail address can view the form.  This only works for those with a gmail account.  You do not need a gmail account to submit names using the online form.     

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