Children's Education

More than anything else, students at the Karp Family Hebrew School at Mishkan Torah develop a joyful, profound, and long-lasting connection to their Jewish community.  The school is a place where children learn to embrace the diversity that has been the history of the Jewish people; a place where it is recognized that there are so many different ways to be Jewish.   Through the arts, text study, and hands-on learning, students experience a wide range of what Judaism has to offer. They benefit from a wonderful classroom space, small class sizes, and committed teachers who are not just "hired help".

The well-rounded curriculum includes:            

Interfaith Families are welcome and numerous at the Karp Family School.

The following classes will be offered in 2022-23:

Young family meetups (ages 0 and up) -- approximately once per month

A weekend class for 1st - 5th graders

A weekend class for 6th - 8th graders

Tuition is very affordable at $525 (September to May).  First year tuition is waived entirely for Mishkan Torah members.  

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