Mishkan Torah was established in 1939 by the Jewish residents of the new city of Greenbelt, Maryland. The sanctuary itself was constructed in 1950 by the members themselves with the assistance of other Greenbelters - Jewish and non-Jewish.  The first rabbi was hired in 1950; the synagogue has had seven rabbis altogether.  More on the early days of the synagogue can be found in the  essays that were assembled for the fortieth anniversary of the congregation. 

Men, women, boys and girls, have participated equally in all facets of religious observance and events since 1973. Mishkan Torah was one of the first congregations in the Greater Washington area to extend the right of full participation to women. Our affiliation as Conservative and Reconstructionist reflects that we are committed to tradition while we develop new approaches to Jewish Living in Today's World.  We welcome individuals considering conversion.

Mishkan Torah offers a number of membership categories to fit the needs of persons at different stages of their lives. Costs vary by category to make membership affordable to all. We'd like to welcome new members to our Jewish community and promise that they will feel 'at home' quickly at Mishkan Torah.