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The following links are for informational purposes only in the hope that they may make for stimulating reading. Michkan Torah does not necessarily share the views expressed therein.

Sixth and I

Kaplan Center

Jonathan Sacks

Torah Sparks

Guide to help Jewish students find college resources and scholarships

Drug Rehab

Information about good colleges for LGBTQ Students

Arnold Eisen's Thoughts on Modern Jewish Families and Passover

Do Reconstructionist Jews believe in a supernatural God who responds to prayer?


Jerusalem Post

Software aims to shed light on the Bible

Digging at ancient Philistine city of Gath

Federal Interagency Holocaust Remembrance Program

Yom Kippur: Goat's Journey Helps Us See Ourselves

How Chanukah Became a Major Jewish Holiday

Musings about Israel by David Brooks

Archaeology of Israel

Reconstructionist Judaism

Conservative Judaism

Jewish atheism

Lawsuit, Shmawsuit (updated version of an article that was originally published at 103 Yale Law Journal 463 (1993))

Holocaust Museum

American Jewish History Museum

Opinion pieces that may be of especial interest to Mishkan Torah and the broader Jewish community

The views expressed in the pieces that follow do not reflect an official position on the part of Mishkan Torah, which is a non-political organization. But the webmaster does believe that they are of sufficient importance and are sufficiently in accord with the viewpoint of the vast majority of synagogue members to merit receiving special attention.

Article by Gil Steinlauf in the Washington Post on July 12: "I'm an American Rabbi. Israel No Longer Recognizes My Religous Authority." (The article is reprinted here).