Covid-Related Protocols for Karp Family School

Covid-Related Protocols for Karp Family School (“KFS”) 9/22

(Pending approval)

The following protocols are in response to the MT Executive Committee delegating/empowering the Children’s Education Committee to develop and implement protocols. These protocols are written based on the current Covid situation in our region and will need to be amended as the situation changes. KFS shall follow all Mishkan Torah guidelines which are in accordance with CDC, Maryland, and Prince George’s County guidelines.

  1. The preference of MT is to support in-person instruction to the greatest degree possible, consistent with public health guidance and guidelines.

  2. During the school year, MT will treat KFS and the Sanctuary/upstairs as separate buildings and make decisions on closure separately as to each.

  3. We encourage whatever steps MT can take to hold classes safely at KFS, including opening windows when weather-appropriate, using the facilities to maximize social distancing, and other practical steps.

  4. All persons who are medically able to be vaccinated must show proof of being fully vaccinated (children may show proof of progress towards becoming fully vaccinated). (Send to

  5. KFS will follow Prince George’s Public Schools mask requirement guidelines while in the KFS building. MT guidelines will be followed while in the Sanctuary/upstairs.

  6. We will require a waiver of liability from each pupil’s family.

  7. All students and teachers must follow self-monitoring, close contact, and positive Covid test Prince George’s County Public School guidelines:

Quarantine and Testing Guidelines