Oneg Dates

April 5/ Sue Weiss/ Tom Stiyer

April 12/ Laurie Seigel/ Chopers

April 19/ Passover/ no service/ Happy Pesach!

April 26/ Judy Karpen/ Brenners

May 3/ Paula Volk/ Rabbi Saul

May 10/ Wendy Garson & Steve Feinberg/ Tom Stiyer

May 17/ Becky Hirsch/ Chopers

May 24/ Laurie/ Brenners

May 31/Sue Weiss/ Rabbi

June 7/ Paula/Tom

June 14/ Becky/ Chopers

June 21/Judy/Brenners

June 28/ Wendy & Steve/ Rabbi


The summer Friday nights have been adjusted for the opener/closer volunteers.

Welcome and thank you to Benjamin Weber for volunteering to join our Friday night rotation.

Also, if you have any preferences for future dates (September to December), please let me know.

Here is the plan, showing the changes:

Date/ set-up/ opener (changes in italics)

July 5/ Laurie/ Tom Brenners

July 12/Sue/ Chopers

July 19/ Paula/ Brenners Benjamin Weber

July 26/ Becky/ Rabbi

August 2/ Wendy & Steve/ Tom Chopers

August 9/ Judy/ Chopers Brenners

****August 16/ Laurie/ Brenners

****August 23/ Sue/ Rabbi Benjamin Weber

August 30/ Paula/ Tom Rabbi

**** Rabbi Saul is out of town.