Kiddush Sign Up

This Kiddush Helpers Sign Up page is organized as follows.

The first spreadsheet below indicates sign ups for February. The second indicates sign ups for March.

The sign up forms then follow: first the sign up form form February. Then the sign up form for March.

To sign up for a date to help out, choose a day for which two people have not already signed up. If you are the first person to sign up, sign up as Helper 1. If you are the second person, sign up as Helper 2. To sign up, simply write your name in the appropriate space and hit submit. To verify that your entry has been recorded, hit the refresh button at the top of the page (if you do not know where the refresh button is, you can accompliosh the same thing by moving to any other webpage and then coming back to the sign up page). You should see your name in appropriate spot in one of the spreadsheets above.

To see all the entries in a spreadsheet, it may be necessary to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the spreadsheet. To see all the entries in a sign up form, it may be necessary to use the scroll bar on the right side of the form.

Kiddush Sign Up Februrary (Responses)
Kiddush Sign Up March (Responses)