Yizkor Memorial Book

The Yom Kippur Yizkor Memorial Book is a tradition at Mishkan Torah. We pay tribute to our dear departed by recalling their names at this time. This service is only available to members of Mishkan Torah or to those who have memorial plaques. We do not charge for this service, but it is a fitting tradition on this occasion to make a donation to the synagogue. If you wish, you can make your donation online.

We will not automatically include the names from last year's book unless members return the form that was mailed to them or fill out the online form below. Names will not be read aloud unless you explicitly indicate this on the form.

Those who have perpetuated the memory of their loved one by means of a memorial plaque do not need to submit a form - the name will automatically be included in the Yizkor Book annually and the name will be read aloud unless you specify otherwise.

Because they contain personal information,the names on the Yizkor list have been placed on a non-public website that requires special permission to access. If you would like to access this website and see the the names on the Yizkor list, please send an email to internet@mishkantorah.org. Access to this site requires a gmail address. If a name is missing or spelled incorrectly, please be sure to indicate this in the appropriate spot in the online form below

If your names were correct last year and you do not have new names add, then your names will be correct this year as well. If you have new names to add or cannot remember what names you had last year, you should indicate that on the form below.

Please fill out the online form or return the form that was sent to you by September 9 so that we can have the book printed in time for Yom Kippur. If you have any questions, please send an email with the relevant information to Yizkor@MishkanTorah.org .