Young Leadership Award for Williams Family                                                       

Shabbat services on Saturday, May 6 will be special. The Williams Family of Phil and Beth and daughters Eva and Lola will

receive Mishkan Torah’s Young Leadership Award. The award honors younger members of the Congregation or special contributors to Mishkan Torah’s youth. The Williamses will receive the sixth such honor.

The Williams family has earned the award with their unceasing service to Mishkan Torah. Phil served with distinction in the key role of Religious Committee Chairman. Beth helps keep the congregation informed each month as a “Trumpet” proofreader/editor. The entire family is involved in doing the annual High Holiday mailing. The entire family is intimately involved in the annual holiday cycle at Mishkan Torah, including putting up and taking down the sukkah annually, making latkes at Chanukah and, in Beth’s case, doing face painting and supervising hula hoops at the annual Purim Carnival.

Beth and Lola have been working on painting the Karp Family School on Wednesday night while Eva has been in Hebrew School for the last year and a half. Finishing the painting was Eva’s bat mitzvah project.

The family has combined environmental consciousness with their Jewish lives. Lola’s project donated carbon offsets for Mishkan Torah for one year to Terra Pass. Both bat mitzvah meals have been composted as much as possible. The school painting has been another manifestation of environmental concern. Beth has been especially proud of the family’s donations of warm wintercoats to the local elementary school.

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