Why is This Year Different?                                                       

Ways and Means to Present Pre-Passover Premiere of Powerful, Passionate Play Along with Panegyrical Performance by Playful Pied Piper

On Sunday April 6, at 5:00 PM, the Ways and Means Committee will welcome the Passover Season by presenting a gala extravaganza consisting of not one, not two, not three, but four major events!  The evening will be the perfect way to begin your Passover season celebration.

The headliner will be the world premiere of a new play by Mishkan Torah playwright Itsy Kliman, entitled “Why Is ThisYear Different?” Prior to the play, Mishkan Torah’s multi-talented Pied Piper Bret Goldstein will regale the house with Passover songs and narrative. The evening will also feature a delicious dinner catered by the Sisterhood. Finally, the evening will also include that Mishkan Torah seasonal favorite, the annual Passover wine tasting featuring our resident Passover oenologist Dan Lowery.

 “Why Is This Year Different?” is a heart-warming, insightful original play by Itsy Kliman about the misadventures of a contemporary family preparing to celebrate the first seder. The play captures the mood, spirit, and theme of the Passover season in a modern context, and provokes both laughter and more serious thought.  Itsy’s son, Todd Kliman, is directing the production. The play revives a Mishkan Torah tradition over thirty years old by bringing back the Stage 18 Players. You will be able to enjoy the play in an intimate dinner theater setting, along with Bret’s pre-play performance. The cast features both veteran and several new Mishkan Torah performers.

You will not want to miss this incredible evening combining the best features of a dinner theater and more! Tickets are only $18 for adults and $12 for pre-teens. In addition, you may make donations at $18; $36; $54; and $72 and higher up levels. You may purchase tickets and make donations using the spreadsheet form below, utilizing the Flyer found in “The Trumpet” or around the Synagogue, or by calling the office.  You may also pay online by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below. Take a break from your Passover preparations and start celebrating early by enjoying the entertainment and ordering your Passover wine while having dinner with your friends and fellow Congregants. See you there!

Reservations for Why is This Year Different

If you would like to pay online, click on the "buy now" button.  You will see that the unit price is $1.  If your total payment is, say, 
 $72, then choose a quantity equal to 72.  If your payment is $48, choose a quantity of 48, and so on. Note that you have the option of paying with your paypal account or simply using your credit card.