Refuah Shelomah

Every Shabbat the Shavuon includes a list of people for whom we pray for speedy recovery from illness, the Refuah Shlaymah. Every name is read aloud and a special Mi Sheberach is recited.  There are two categories for names: short term and long term. Short-term names are kept on the list for four weeks while long-term names are retained for twelve weeks.  

A member can add a name to the Refuah Shlaymah list by contacting the office by phone at 301-474-4223 or by e-mail at  A member adding a name to the list should indicate whether it belongs on the short-term or the long-term list.  It is the responsibility of the member who requested the name to renew after the 4 or 12 week time period has passed.