Mishkan Torah Funds

Mishkan Torah has many funds that one can support.

Sustaining Fund: General Fund

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Sisterhood Funds:

        Dora Friedman Fund

        Rose Epstein Fund

Special Funds:

Berger Memorial: For the stipend and expenses of visiting Rabbis.

Bima Improvement: Beautification.

Capital Reserve/Replacement: For capital projects and replacements.

Emergency: To provide short term loans to the synagogue to cover temporary financial shortfalls.

Sylvia Hendel Family Education: To provide education programs for Mishkan Torah families.

Israel Bond Endowment: To purchase Israel Bonds.

Arthur Gallant Karp Family School: For replacement and improvements in the Karp Family School.

Sherry Hyde Jewish Artist in Residence: To pay the stipend of an artist in residence at the Karp Family School.

Prayer Book: To purchase and repair prayer books and related material.

Tillie Wetter Israel Quest: To sponsor Mishkan Torah youth going to Israel as members of an organized group.

Karp Family School: For use in the Karp Family School as recommended by the Children’s Education Committee.

Diane Kritt Memorial Lecture: To fund the stipend andexpenses of the speaker at the annual lecture.

Landscape: To pay for landscaping and beautification of the lawns and gardens beyond that provided for in the synagogue’s budget.

Library: To buy and maintain books and other readingmaterial for the synagogue office.

Marc Spevack Youth Activity: For use to benefit Mishkan Torah youth as individuals and in groups.

Mishkan Torah Scholarship: To defray tuition and related expenses of Mishkan Torah members attending institutions of higher education in ccordance with rules of the Scholarship Committee.

Torah Repair: To repair and otherwise maintain the Torah scrolls in proper