משכן תורה       



 A Pictorial Sampling of Past Events



Labor Day Parade 2010




                                                                                                Presidents' Gala


                                                                                   Jewelry Sale

                                                                                                      Presentation on the Recent

                                                                                                      Health Care Legislation

                                                                                                    Purim Carnival 2010

                                                                                   Channukah Party



                                                                                                                   Cafe Tzedakah - A Night to Remember Dena Kohn

Israeli Dancing at Greenbelt Labor Day Festival 
Mishkan Torah Youth marched in the Greenbelt Labor Day Parade.  They performed dances that varied from traditional Israeli Folk Dance to modern hip hop in Hebrew.  The group was awarded the title ‘Best Novelty’ and received a trophy for its performance.

(In honor of Alice Perlman)

                                Purim Carnival





Gleaning for the Hungry 2008
The gleaning project is sponsored bythe Henry Wallace Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, MD.  Mishkan Torah's Social Action Committee and Hebrew School participate annually.


                                  Mishkan Torah Choir Concert June 2008