Learn New Skills in Mishkan Torah's Torathon on May 9th                                                       
"Many people see me as an experienced calling gabbai on the bimah. But I wasn't always that way. The first few times I was very slow at it and very shaky. But I had lots of support on the bimah from skilled people and I learned by doing it over and over again until my confidence grew. Now I can look back and laugh at the mistakes I made along the way. Mishkan Torah has always been a place where people could learn and grow without feeling embarrassment.  I am therefore excited by the idea of a learning Shabbat where folks can pick up some of the basics of what goes on on the bimah during the Torah Service and I really hope we get a good turnout."

Would you like to participate in an aliyah, but perhaps lack the confidence?  Or would you like to dress or lift the Torah?  Or perhaps you would like to learn how to be calling gabbai? Would you like an introduction to trope?  Then come and take part in our Torathon on May 9th.

Mishkan Torah has always been a place where everyone is encouraged to fully participate and expand their skills.  We will take this to a new level on May 9th when our Shabbat service will be a learning service where we take time out for mentors to teach various Torah skills. 
Our plan is as follows. For each aliyah, we would like to pair someone new or relatively inexperienced with a more experienced mentor. For hagbah, the mentor will give detailed instructions about how to best lift the Torah and perhaps demonstrate before the new person tries. For gelilah, the mentor will help the new person dress the Torah. Individuals aspiring to be calling gabbais will have an opportunity to stand on the bimah and practice with a more experienced mentor. Leaning to chant Torah or Haftarah portions requires considerably more time than is available in a Shabbat morning service, but someone who is experienced will explain the basics of trope, possibly using the Shema as an example.

Participating in the Torah service can be a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. And the synagogue needs to have more people who have the skills to help out during our services.  The Torathon we are planning can be both gratifying and a lot of fun, but we need your help if this event is to be successful - namely, we need folks to take a leap of faith and join in.  We hope to have participation by individuals with varying levels of experience; there is no reason to be shy or to fear feeling embarrassed.  We are especially hoping that Hebrew School parents will avail themselves of the opportunity to become more comfortable on the bima.  

If you would like to learn a new skill or improve an existing skill, please sign up on the first form below or send an email to Torathon@MishkanTorah.org .  Questions may also be sent to this email address.  

If you would like to be a mentor, please sign up on the second form below.

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