Many people have asked about whether services will be held this weekend in light of the record-breaking snow that we have experienced over the past week.

1) Access to the Building

A narrow path has been dug through the snow bank in front of the shul to the front door as well as through the snow bank leading to Westway. Also, the sidewalk in front of our building has been cleared. Note that you might not see these passageways until you are almost on top of them given the height of the snow banks. Also there is access to the emergency exits should we need to use them.

2) Parking

There is virtually no parking on either Ridge Road or Westway. Some cars have been snowed in for a week now, and whenever the city plows come through to make a traffic lane in the centre of the street it pushes more snow onto the parking spots.

However, the city has cleared parking in the lot next to the Greenbelt Library, in the lot behind the Roosevelt Centre (near where the post office used to be located) and near the Co-op store. You will have to walk from these places to the shul. Please be aware that there are no useable sidewalks.

3) Bottom Line

Given the parking and access concerns, we have decided to cancel Friday evening services. Once the temperature falls below 32 there will be a lot of ice. We do not want people walking on possibly icy streets in the dark.

Somewhat abbreviated Shabbat morning services will begin at 10:00. If we have a minyan we will read Torah, but will skip musaf.

Should we decide to cancel Shabbat morning services, we will post the announcement on this intranet and on WTOP (103.5 FM or on line at

4) Please pass this on

Please make sure that as many fellow congregants as possible get this information in a timely manner. Specifically, it would be helpful if someone could pass this along through the sisterhood distribution list.