temporary kiddush schedule

June 8 Lois F             Lois D x
June 15 Marsha G  x      Jackie K x
June 22Chana M   x       Linda Sx
June 29Phyllis O          Karen F x
July 6Ronnie S x        Ed Hx
July 13Jackie K   x       Ellen W
July 20Lois D   x         Jeffrey R x
July 27Phyllis O x        Arlene Gx
August 3Sue Z  x       Sue P  x
August 10Susan K   x       Harise Px
August 17Lois F   x          June C

Marsha g I don’t know when the new schedule begins, but I am not available on August 31st.

arlene august 10th not good for me

ellen w - I'll be unavailable 10/5 & 10/12, thanks.

harise - Ill be away on sept 7th.

chana -  Please put me back in the rotation:  I won't be around on labor day weekend, & I'll let you know about other dates soon

susan  - these days will not work for me:
October 12
November 16
December 29
Thanks for doing this job

Date  Helpers
August 17Lois F             June C

 Date Helpers
 August 17 Lois F             June C
August 24Ronnie S          Ed H
August 31Phyllis O          Lois D
September 7Marsha G         Karen F 
September 14Yom Kippur
September 21Jackie K          Sue P
September 28Lois F             Jeffrey R
October 5Arlene             Linda S
October 12Chana M          Harise P 
October19Sue Z              June C
October 26Young Leadership Award
Nov 2Susan K         Ellen W

 Date Helpers
 August 17Lois F             June C
August 24Phyllis O          Lois D
August 31Ronnie S          Ed H
September 7Marsha G         Chana M 
September 14Yom Kippur
September 21Susan K           Sue P
September 28Lois F             Jeffrey R
October 5Arlene             Linda S
October 12Karen F          Harise P 
October19Sue Z              June C
October 26Jackie K         Ellen W

November 14June C                      Joanie, Tim C-M
November 21Jeffrey R                   Harise P
November 28Ronnie S                   Mark L
December 5Karen F                     Jackie K              
December 12Sue                            Sue Z
December 19Susan K Arlene                   Ellen W

December 26 Jeffrey R                   June C
January 2Harise P                    Mark L
January 9Karen F                     Joanie, Tim C-M
January 16Ronnie S                   Arlene G
January 23Sue P                       Sue Z
January 30Ellen W                     Jackie K

February 6 Lois D          Karen F
February 13Arlene G           Harise P
February 19Ellen W            Marilynn L 
February 27Sue P               Sue Z
March 5Jackie K            Tim C-M
March 13 Jeffrey R        Joanie C-M
March 20 Arlene G         June C

Joanie Tim 

Ellen - Mark,
I'm available on non-snowy Saturdays in Feb and Mar, and would like to be paired with Marilyn if possible. We worked very well together her first time in the 16th.

Jackie - I'll be away a lot but i think i can do march 5.

Arlene - I won't be able to do Feb. 6 or Feb. 27.

Karen - I can't do Feb 13th or any Shabbat with 2 feet of snow.

Harise - 

I'm not available 2/27, that's the only date I know of right now.  I might go somewhere on a weekend in March but I don't know which one yet or even if it will happen, so hopefully I'll be able to switch if it comes up.

February 6 Lois D          Karen F
February 13Arlene G           Harise P
February 19Ellen W            Marilynn L 
February 27Sue P               Sue Z
March 5Jackie K            Tim C-M
March 12 Mark L          Joanie C-M
March 19Arlene G         June C


March 27th does not work for me. April 2nd also  Joanie Cohen-Mitchell, Ed.D.

I can only do April 9thApril 23May 7, and June 4. Once we get to June 18th, I can do just about any Saturday. Karen

Please schedule me for April 2. Jackie

I can do March 30th. Not the 22nd or 30th of April and right now all of May except Memorial Day weekend.  Ellen

Not available April 2.  Thanks Lois

Hi folks, I can do March 30 with Ellen.   Marilyn

I can't do May 28th.  Arlene

Thanks for your message! The only dates that I can help do kiddush would be on April 9 and 16.  Sue P

I can't do April 2 or April 9.  Sue Z

I think I'm clear up through May 14 if you go that far.  I'll be away on the 21st of May.  Harise

 Mark- the April 30 and May 15 weekends are both out.    Jeffrey 

March 26Lois D          Jeffrey R
April 2Jackie K           Harise P
April 9Joanie C-M        Karen F
April 16 Sue P               Sue Z
April 23Ellen W             Marilynn L 
April 30June C          Tim C-M
May 7Arlene G            Mark L


Karen  can't do any Saturdays in May. I can do June 4, 18th or 25th. If you're going into July, I am available any Shabbat except the 16th.

Harise  will be away on May 21st

Joanie May is pretty clear for me except the hebrew school overnight canmping trip on the 13th. I will be away the lat week of June and first 2 weeks of July

Jackie  Can you schedule me for June 4 please.

May 14Tim C - M           June C
May 21Keter Shem Tov (no Kiddush Helpers needed - yeah)
May 28Joanie C - M            Jeffrey R
June 4Jackie K                  Lois D
June 11Sue P                     Sue Z
June 18Mark L               Harise P
June 25Ellen W                   Marilyn L

 July 2Arlene G             Karen F

July 9Jackie K         Mark L
July 16Joanie C-M    Marilyn L
July 23Ellen W         Lois D
July 30Tim C - M       Sue P 
August 6Harise P         June C
August 13Karen F          Arlene G
August 20Jeffrey R         Sue z

August  27 Lois D                   Mark L 
September 3Tim C-M                 Ellen W
September 10Jackie K                Arlene G
September 17Sue P                    Sue Z 
September 24Karen F                 Harise P
October 1June C                   Marilyn L
October 8Joanie C-M           Jeffrey R

In the coming months, I can do either Sept 17th or 24th or anything in Oct except Oct 1.

Harise Hi,

August 27th and September 24th and two days I will be unavailable.  I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Sue P Hi Mark--
Can you put me down for either Sep 10 or 17?

Joanie September 4th doesn't work for me and i do not yet h ave Noah's fall soccer schedule yet but should soon. I can always ask someone to switch if i find i have a conflict. 

Marilyn I'll be away from August 29 through September 5.

Jackie Please put me down for Sept. 10.  My daughter is due to have a baby in about 2 weeks in Boston.  I'm hoping to be here that weekend.  Try to schedule me with someone comfortable in the kitchen in case I need to switch but have trouble finding someone to switch with.

Jeffrey I get back September 12. Anytime after that I can make work

Arlene I won’t be around September 24th.