Synaplex Shabbat -- September 8th 

A "Synaplex" Shabbat is a shabbat morning where Mishkan Torah offers a range of activities, reflecting the idea that there are many diverse expressions of Judaism among different interests, age groups, and experiences.  Our first of four Synaplex Shabbatot comes on Saturday, September 8th and features the following options:

Yoga Shalom with Cantor Lisa Levine 

We are thrilled to have Cantor Lisa Levine visit us once again and bring her unique Yoga Shalom program to Greenbelt.  This time around, Cantor Levine will be offering two different services: one at 9:30 for more experienced yoga enthusiasts, and a second service at 11:00 for those interested in something a little more gentle.  Click the following links to register for the 9:30 service (for experienced yoginis) or for the 11:00 service (for a gentler crowd). 

Kabbalah for Teens 

There are those who say that one should not study Kabbalah, the overarching term for Jewish mysticism, until one has reached the age of 40 years.  We are proposing, though, that it is never too early to begin a spiritual journey, and have created a program specifically designed for teens (ages 13 - 17) that gives them an introduction to Jewish mystical history and practice.  The first of four programs for the year begins at 10:30 on Saturday, September 8th, we are asking for reservations so that there are enough materials for everyone.  Sign up to begin the journey here.

Tot Shabbat

Nothing is quite like the joy of Shabbat as experienced by young children.  Come sing, dance, play, eat (yes, eat!) and celebrate with the future of Judaism in a program designed for 2 - 5 year olds and any adults who care to join them.  A variety of activities are planned for this enthusiastic group, and the fun begins at 11:00.  Once again, to make sure we have enough for everyone, please sign up in advance by registering here.

Karp Family School

Every Saturday (not just on Synaplex Shabbat), our 6 - 12 year olds gather  to learn in the Karp Family Hebrew School. Through drama, song, and innovative teaching techniques specifically designed for the Shabbat experience, our children are engaged and truly a part of the greater synagogue community.  Come try it out for the first time on September 8th, and register for school officially here.

Traditional Shabbat Services

Yes, we have that too!  Services begin every Saturday at 9:30 and are warm, uplifting, and intellectually stimulating.  From the Birchot HaShachar to the Torah Service to Adon Olam, a Mishkan Torah service led by Rabbi Jonathan Cohen and Cantor Phil Greenfield is a great way to spend a Shabbat morning.