Social Action Committee                                                     
By helping others, we enrich ourselves and strengthen our own community.    Businessman on the top of a rock

Donations Needed 

Clothing for Spring Lake Elementary School

A large box of winter jackets, hats, scarves and mittens was brought to Springhill Lake Elementary School. We will continue to collect warm outerwear for the children throughout the winter.   They would also appreciate gently used backpacks.  There is a box in the cloakroom for collection purposes.  Those who would prefer to donate money to the effort can send a check made payable to Mishkan Torah with Social Action in the memo line.

Greenbelt Food Bank
The basket for collecting food for the Greenbelt Food Bank is in the cloak room.   These days the pantry is always in need. 



        Walk for the Homeless

"Reverse Taschlich" - Cleaning up Beaver Creek