Torah and Haftarah Readings
Anyone interested in reading a Torah or Haftarah portion is welcome to do so.  Links to sign up sheets can be found at the bottom of this page.

Mishkan Torah follows a triennial reading cycle in which one-third of the traditional weekly portion is read each Shabbat. The breakdown that follows was devised by Rabbi Ivan Caine some twenty or thirty years ago (and appears towards the back of the Kol Ha Neshamah siddur).  






Readings for Combined Portions: When there is a double parasha, we read the first four aliyot from the first parasha.  The final three aliyot and the maftir are read from the second.

The accompanying Haftarah reading can also be found in the pages listed above.

We are currently in the third year of the triennial cycle.  

Links to Sign up Sheets

October 10  Bereshit (Sign Up Sheet 1)

October 17 Noach (Young Leadership Service, No Sign up Sheet)

Octobber 24 Lech Lecha (Sign Up Sheet 2)

October 31 Vayera (Sign Up Sheet 3)

November 7 Chayei Sara  (Sign Up Sheet 4)

November 14 Toldot (Sign Up Sheet 5)

November 21 Vayishlach (Sign Up Sheet 6)