Selichot Program 2017/5778                                                      
We have moved the starting time for the Selichot up to 8:00 this year in order to make it easier for more people to attend.

We plan to show the movie, "The Ritchie Boys."  Here is a brief synopsis:

This compeling documentary recounts the story of ten Jewis intellectuals who were expelled from Nazi Germany, only to return during World War II to use their intimate knowledge of the country to wreak psychological havoc on Hitler's Naxi forces.  Trained at Maryland's Camp Ritchie, these German troups were a strange sight in the U.S; Army, but their contributions to the war effort were heroic and invaluable.

A recent article about the Ritchie Boys appeared in the New York Post on July 25, 2017.

Max Horlick, a longtime member of Mishkan Torah, was one of the Ritchie Boys.  Max will be giving us first-hand account of his experience.  

This promises to be a memorable evening.