Selichot Program
Precious Life
The Selichot program this year features the movie, "Precious Life."eation story in which Adam and Eve stand up to God instead of  being expelled from the Garden of Eden.  Tom Friedman, the well-known New York Times columnist has written a column about this film.  Here is a summary in Rotten Tomatoes.

At once a plea to end human suffering and a ray of hope for Israeli-Palestinian harmony, journalist Shlomi Eldar's documentary Precious Life chronicles the plight of Mohammad Abu Mustafa, a four year old Palestinian boy born without an immune system, who will die in an Israeli hospital if he doesn't obtain a bone marrow transplant within a brief period of time. Not only does Mohammad succeed at getting the treatment he needs, his case manages to pull Israeli and Palestinian doctors together, who make a concerted, joint effort to save the child's life, putting aside their racial and religious differences in the process, despite the Gaza embargo. Meanwhile, Mohammad's mother, a woman named Raida, both draws scathing criticism from the Gazan community, and alienates others by espousing her sympathy with Palestinian terrorist bombers. This leads Eldar himself - and the audience - into a deep-seated ethical quandary about saving the life of a child who may well grow up to be an extremist, sacrificing his own life to kill others.