Mishkan Torah


Proudly presents its Second Young Leadership Award to 



Yael Fischman and Yoni Charry

                                                                                                                                                        online reservations

The Ways and Means Committee is pleased to announce that wife and husband team Yael 
Fischman and Yoni Charry will receive the second Young Leadership Award during the Shabbat service which will commence at nine-thirty a.m. on Saturday, December 1, 2012.  The service will be follwed by a special luncheon.  The Committee established the Young Leadership Award in 2011 as part of its celebration of From Generation to Generation. The award honors younger members of the Synagogue who make outstanding efforts and unique and special contributions to the life of the Synagogue. Bret Goldstein and Darelynn Fung were the first Young Leadership Award recipients last year. There will be a special luncheon after the service to honor Yael and Yoni.

Yael and Yoni personify the criteria for the Award. Yael currently serves as the de facto Religious Committee Chair, taking over

after Linda Spevack successfully shepherded Mishkan Torah through its most recent High Holy Day season. She also teaches a Torah trope class for adults at the Synagogue. An invested cantor and a graduate of the cantorial program at Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, she was one of the first 30 women cantors in the Conservative Movement. Her mezzo voice resonates at Mishkan Torah in many ways: as an "honorary soprano" in the Mishkan Torah Choir; as one of "the usual suspects" when music talent and the ability to make fun of oneself is needed; as a frequent Torah and Haftarah chanter; and as a baalat tefillah (prayer leader) when Cantor Phil Greenfield is away and other times as well. She looks forward to preparing Nava and Avigayil, Yael and Yoni’s irrepressible twin daughters, who are Mishkan Torah celebrities in their own right, for their b'not mitzvah four years from now. 

Yoni, who is a sound engineer at WAMU, has been the indispensable man in charge of sound at nearly every Mishkan Torah function over the past years. A former Chairman of the Religious Committee, he has been a major voice and force in the religious life of the Synagogue. Yoni participates in nearly every Shabbat service as a Torah or Haftorah reader, sharing his vast knowledge of Judaica or as Gabbai. For years, Yoni has organized and led the readings of Eicha at Tish b’Av services, and the highly complex multiTorah service for Mishkan Torah. It is impossible to imagine Purim at Mishkan Torah without Yoni spearheading the multilingual Megillah reading fest.  Yoni is a fine tenor, who has been a long-time member of the Choir. Like Yael, Yoni has been a frequent performer on the Mishkan Torah stage, appearing most recently as the unforgettable lead Doo-Wopping Plotter among other roles in the Purim Spiel, while Yael played a Carmen-channeling Queen Vashti.

The price to attend the special luncheon on 
December 1 is only $18 for adults and $12 for children. There will also be a beautiful Program Book for the occasion listing donations in honor of Yael and Yoni. You may order tickets and make donations by contacting the office or by by using the online form.  You may also pay online by using the checkout cart on the same page as the spreadsheet form .  Come to the service on Saturday, December 1. Stay for lunch, and honor two great people who help make Mishkan Torah special!  See you there!