Reverse Tashlich                                                       
On April 6, twenty members of Mishkan Torah were joined by members of the Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group and a few other like-minded citizens to haul trash that had been dumped behind Greenbelt's Northway mulch piles and had found its way into the Long Branch (akd Goddard Branch) of Beaverdam Creek.  They revmoed one very large chair, a small chet of drawers, a tire, a tricycle, and thirty bags of trash and recyclable materials.  Participants had their choice of t-shirts provided by the Anacostia Watershed Society in honor of the 2014 Earth Day Cleanup and by the Great Washington Jewish Community in honor of Good Deeds Day 2014.  We plan on doing this again next year at a different location.  Check out the Watch Group's website if you want to do more for the local streambed between now and our next Reverse Tashlich.