Rededication Ceremony for Vlasim Scroll on Memorial Day                                                      
Among the prized Torahs in our ark is one that belonged to the community of Vlašim in the Czech Republic and that Mishkan Torah received on loan from the Memorial Scrolls Trust.  The Vlašim scroll was issued to Mishkan Torah in January 1967.  The scroll was recently evaluated and repaired (More pictures from the sofer's visit can be found here.  Also, see the article on page 3, of the April Trumpet).  The scroll is now kosher and can be read as part of religious services.  
Our agreement with the Memorial Scrolls Trust obligates us  to have a rededication ceremony to stimulate renewed awareness of the scroll’s significance and its special place as a symbol of survival, heritage and loss.  Given the key role played by the United States in WW II, the upcoming Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those who died protecting the liberties and freedoms that Americans enjoy and at times take for granted, would seem to be an ideal day for a rededication ceremony for our precious Memorial Scroll.

Here are our plans for our rededication ceremony on May 29:

Weather permitting, we will begin with  a celebratory parade to Roosevelt Center and back.  The parade will begin at 3:00 pm.

At 4:00, we will have a ceremony under the huppa, to be followed by short speeches by Rabbi Jonathan Cohen and Ralph Molerick, who escaped Nazi Germany through Kindertransport.  We will then have a mincha service featuring readings from the Vlašim scroll.  The day's events will conclude with light refreshments and an informal get together.

This promises to be a truly memorable event.