Rabbi's Tuesday Evening Study Group

The Tuesday evening meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. It is open to anyone who has an interest in the topic of prayer in general and the siddur in particular. (Although since this is Mishkan Torah our study ranges to all manner ot Jewish topics – and a few that are only remotely Jewish!) Individuals with any prior background are welcome. The only prerequisites are a willingness to learn and to have a good time.  Call Rabbi Cohen for more information at (301) 441-2624 or email at ravjonathan@verizon.net. 

Handouts can found below.  In some cases, a pdf and a webpage are both listed.  If you have trouble printing the pdf, try printing the webpage.  If you would like to download a file onto your computer, use the pdf.

Materials for the Study Session in 2015 - 2016:

Kushner - When Bad Things Happen to Good People 

Cox - Job: Talking Back to God from the Garbage Heap  (Oct. 25)

Materials for the Study Session in 2014 - 2015:

Kaplan - Introduction to 1945 Siddur

Norman Lamm - "One" and Contemporary Science (Feb, 28)

Rethinking the Theology of Prayer (pdf Dec. 4)         Rethinking the Theology of Prayer (webpage)

When Speaking of the Ineffable (pdf Dec. 14)           When Speaking of the Ineffable (webpage)

Maimonides' Conception of God (pdf Dec. 14)           Maimonides'Conception of God (webpage)

Panentheism (pdf Dec. 14)                                            Panentheism (webpage)

Religion Without God   (Oct. 31)

Materials for the Study Session in 2013 - 2014:

Is Belief a Jewish Notion?

Gerhard Borner  (Feb 24)  

Birkat Yotzer (Jan. 14)

Hitching a Ride on the Merkava Express  (Oct. 11)

Nishmat Kol-Hai and Perek Shirah  (Oct. 18)

Materials for the Study Session in 2012 - 2013:

Barchu and Yotzer   (2/22/2013)

The Torah has seventy faces (1/29/2013)

Tu - bi Shevat Through the Ages  (1/21/2013)

Rabbi Benjamin Segal - Psalm 145 (Ashrei)  (1/9/2013)

Blumenthal Ashrei (1/9/2013)

Ashrei by Reuven Kimelman (1/8/2013)

Which Psalms Were Sung in the Temple? by J. A. Smith   (10/26/2012)

Hoffman - Liturgy of Judaism - History (10/28/2012)

Preliminary Blessings and Psalms (10/28/2012)

Suzanne Haik-Ventoura - file created from Wikipedia entry (10/28/2012)           Suzanne Haik Ventoura - Wikipedia entry 

Preparing for Prayer (10/28/2012)

Haik-Ventoura video file (10/26/2012)

Blessings (11/14/2012)

The Jewish Bible Quarterly - A Psalm for the Sabbath?  (11/26/2012)

Midrash Tehillim on Psalm 92 (11/28/2012)

Materials for the Study Session in 2011 - 2011:

Can a Jewish Atheist Pray?


Kavanot for the Weekday Amidah

Kaplan Introduction to 1945 Siddur

Kiddush veHillul ha-Shem

Substitutes for the Temple Cult

The Bedtime Sh'ma

Imitating God; God's Tefillin

Solomon and the Amelioration of Dreams

Deathbed Vidui

Angels and the Bedtime Shema    

The Morning Blessings

The Benedictions of Self Identity and Women's Status