Presentation on Iranian Nuclear Program                                                       
On Sunday June 21, there will be a special presentation regarding the timely topic of Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s nuclear program has been prominent in the news, especially since the U.S. and other nations announced the draft of a nuclear framework agreement with Iran in April of this year. A more formal agreement is being negotiated and, when completed, will be reviewed by the U.S. Congress. Although important to the balance of power in the Middle East and potentially world peace, many aspects of this topic are technically complex and not well understood by most citizens.

Mishkan Torah's resident nuclear engineer, Steve Mirsky, will present the facts on Iran’s nuclear program and its relationship to weapons.  This presentation will explain the basic information surrounding the mystique of nuclear weapons and the infrastructure that exists in Iran, which could be used to manufacture such weapons.  Terms that have been used in the news media such as “breakout” and “snapback” will be explained along with the facts on material inventories and facility capabilities.  The announced framework terms will be evaluated in terms of Iran’s capabilities.  This presentation is intended to give attendees the basic knowledge necessary to understand this important subject as it continues to develop during the coming months. A related experiment will be conducted in which attendees can participate.

Coffee Klatch will be offering breakfast starting at 10:00 am at a nominal charge.