Noah's Other Son - Intertextuality of the Tanakh and the Qur'ān                                                        
Have you ever wondered why the Qur'ān contains biblical stories with a different twist? What can we learn from this? During this study session we will learn about the origins and the development of the Qur'ān as text, and we will read the story of Noah. From its similitudes and differences we learn about the early Muslim community that gave birth to the Qur'an, plus ways of reading the Tanakh.

Rabbi Dr. Jordi Gendra-Molina, a native of Barcelona, will be leading this discussion. Born in Spain to a multilingual family, he became proficient in Latin, Greek and Hebrew and, after completing his studies, began working with translations of sacred texts. From the beginning it was clear that texts of the same stories differ widely, in part because of the communities from which they spring, and in part because of what the translator brings in the context of his own background.

Rabbi Gendra holds a PhD in medieval Jewish literature from Universitat de Girona (2012). He received his Master in Hebrew Letters and Rabbinic ordination from the RRC in 2006, and his Master on Semitic languages from Universitat de Barcelona (1996). Currently serving as rabbi of Temple Beth Shalom in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, he is also adjunct professor of religion at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

The program is scheduled for February 16, starting at 10:30 am. Coffee Klatch will be serving breakfast beginning at 9:30 am.