Rabbi's Wednesday Study Group -
The History and Meaning of the Prayers in Our Service 

Because learning should not only be limited to our children, the Hebrew School parents are starting a new study group that will meet on Wednesday evenings at the same time as Hebrew School.  Rabbi Cohen will be leading us through an exploration of the history and meaning of the prayers that make up the Shabbat and the weekday services.  Just about any questions related to this broad topic are fair game.  For example, why did the rabbis arrange the prayers in a particular order?  And what meaning do these old traditional prayers have for us today?   

We plan to meet once or twice a month at 6:00 p.m.  The study group is open to anyone who has an interest in the topic.  You do not need to be a Hebrew school parent to attend; we would love to have broader participation.  Individuals with any prior background are welcome.  The only prerequisites are a willingness to learn and have a good time. 

Before our meetings, Rabbi Cohen will be providing materials to be put on this webpage.  Just download the handouts and bring them on Wednesday.  You do not need to read the handouts ahead of time.  It would also be a good idea to bring a Siddur.  Any edition will do (in fact, the more the merrier - we can compare them).  If you want, bring a copy of Sim Shalom from the sancturary.  

We will be meeting in the teen lounge every Wednesday that the Hebrew School is in session.  The Hebrew School calendar can be found here.  For everyone's convenience, the schedule for each month will be posted on the Upcoming Events page.  It is best to check the page before coming to shul in case of a last minute cancellation.  In case of doubt in any given week, feel free to email the rabbi at ravjonathan@verizon.net  or Mark Loewenstein at Internet@MishkanTorah.org.  Announcements about future meetings will also be sent to a user group that has been explicitly created for this purpose.  If you would like your email address included in this group, send a message to Mark Loewenstein.  
Material for the class will be posted on this webpage.  Just print out the appropriate handout and bring it to class.  We are currently working our way through the handounts below.

Materials for the Study Session 

Kiddush veHillul ha-Shem