Megillah Reading 

Although every day may feel like Purim at Mishkan Torah, we only read the Megillah once each year.  

Purim falls on March 20 this year, so our Megillah reading will take place on the evening of March 19th, which conveniently is a Saturday evening.  The fun starts at 8:00.  If you would like to read a portion of the Megillah, please contact .  Our custom is to read in as many languages at possible.  Any language is fair game as long as it is being spoken somewhere now or has been spoken somewhere in the past.    

There will be a Purim Carnival at 6:00 prior to the Megillah reading. 

 !הורא, פּורים איז קומענדיק                           


       Evviva, Purim è in arrivo!       Hourra, Pourim est à venir!

                                               ¡Hurra, Purim se acerca!

  Hurra, Purim kommt!                          

                                     !הידד, פורים מתקרב


      Eia, Phurim venit!                                       !يا هلا، البوريم قادمة


Ζήτω, Πουρίμ έρχεται!                                     Ура, Пурим идет!

     Hurray, Purim է գալիս!           

                                                        हुर्रे Purim, आ रहा है!