Kitchen Rules                                                      

The kitchen recently got a bit of a makeover that included sorting, organizing, purging and cleaning.  The following will help it stay in good condition.  Anyone with suggestions for additional do's and don'ts should send an email to

Do not put leftover bread or challah in the freezer – have someone take it home.

Do not put small quantities of leftovers in the fridge, freezer or on the shelves – have someone take them home. This includes beverages, cake, fruit, cookies, gefilte fish, herring, challah, crackers, chips, anything edible! It is OK to leave relatively small quantities from Friday Onegs (if there would be enough to use for Kiddush on Shabbat) DO NOT leave small quantities after Kiddush on Shabbat morning. They tend to languish until someone decides to throw them out. 

HERRING AND GEFILTE FISH ALERT – Any leftover fish needs to be used up, taken home or thrown out on the same day. There should NEVER be an opened jar of gefilte fish or herring in the fridge! THIS IS A FOOD SAFETY HAZARD!!!

Do not leave pitchers of water or drink in the fridge. Empty, wash, and return to racks.

Wipe out the sink after using it! Wipe off all the counters before leaving (not just the center island).

Hang wet towels over the sink to dry! Put dry towel in the laundry baskets

P.ut things bck where you found them.

Check the back room for supplies if you don’t see what you need.

Check the blue or green boxes to the right of the freezer for snacks.

On the bottom rack near the entrance you will find containers with forks, spoons, sugar, tea/coffee inthe basket marked SERVING. Please leave them filled and back in the bin when you are done.

Contact Janet Mirsky or Ed Brenner if you notice more supplies are needed.

Rinse and recycle when possibl.!