Upcoming School Events
Preparing Sukkah decorations
Yom Kippur Family Service

We will have our usual Family/Childrens' programming for Yom Kippur on Saturday, October 4th from 10:00 until about 12:30 (regular Hebrew School time). No formal snack, naturally, but we will put some edible goodies out in the n'vatim classroom for our youngest.

Sukkah Raising/Decorating

On Sunday, October 5th, we'll be putting up our synagogue sukkah, beginning at 11:00. The kids stay inside to decorate the "walls" while a few adults head outside to raise the sukkah. Once the sukkah is up, we bring the walls outside and hang decorations from the roof!

Sukkot Potluck & Family Service

Once the sukkah is up, we need to use it, right? Our dairy/pareve potluck begins at 6:00 on Wednesday, October 8th -- remember, nothing can be heated or refrigerated in the kitchen and anything commercially prepared must have a hechsher -- outside in the sukkah. Our fabulous b'nai mitzvah class will then lead the Family Holiday service, starting at 7:00 --  a service you definitely won't want to miss.

On the Horizon: Simchat Torah

Yes, another potluck! This one on Thursday, October 16th, again at 6:00. Same rules apply, and the same schedule follows -- services at7:00, with a very important role for all of our children. Parade through the streets of Greenbelt -- no school the next day! 

Mitzvah Day?

A representative from Community Crisis Services is willing to come do a program with our kids on the morning for Friday, October 17th in preparation for Mishkan Torah's Walk to end Homelessness on Sunday, October 19th. She would like a critical mass, though, and we'll only schedule her if we have enough participants.