Family Programs

Saturday, October 10Simchat Torah Potluck & Family Education! We’ll gather for one last meal in the sukkah, talk about the value of reading the same stories every year, marvel at our children’s work, and then dance in the streets. What more could one want?

Sunday, November 22Book Fair! November is Jewish Book Month, so what better way to celebrate than finding something new to read?

Sunday, December 13The “December Dilemma”: With so many of us a part of interfaith families, this time of year brings up issues that hit close to home. Don’t go it alone; come together to share our experiences, difficulties, and solutions.

Friday, January 29Tu B’Shvat Seder! It’s actually on Tu B’Shvat this year! Come celebrate the miracle of trees with first fruits, four cups, song, and of course, our children’s answers to the four questions.

Sunday, February 28th – Purim!  Does anything else need to be said?

Sunday, May 2 Lag Ba’Omer Picnic & Family Education Program: This year, we’ll do it for real. Just as our ancestors used to sneak out into the woods to study, we’ll do the same. Extra bonus: It’s also the Sisterhood Jewelry Sale, so you can even look good outside!