A+ School Rewards Program

The Karp Family School is again enrolled in the Giant A+ Bonus Program. Giant will make contributions to designated schools based on the value of individuals' purchases.  

 To designate the school, you need two pieces of information - the school's designation code and your 12 digit Bonus Card number.  The school's designation code is 00555.  If you don't know your Bonus Card Number, you can call 1-877- ASK- APLUS (1-877- 275-27587).  

 If you know your Bonus Card Number, you can designate the school simply by following the instructions on this web page.  Alternatively, you can complete a Designation Card at a Giant Customer Service Desk.

Registration does not carry over from the previous year.  If you registered last year, it is necessary to register again this year if you would like to again make contributions to the Hebrew School through Giant's A+ Bonus program.