Young Leadership Award Young               

Mishkan Torah


Proudly presents its First Young Leadership Award to 



Bret Goldstein and Darelynn Fung


When it comes to entertaining, entrancing, and enthralling members of the younger generation, the legendary Pied Piper of Hamelin had nothing on Mishkan Torah’s own Bret Goldstein and Darelynn Fung. Fittingly, the Ways and Means Committee will honor Bret and Darelynn as the
recipients of Mishkan Torah’s first ever Young Leadership Award. The Award will be presented at the conclusion of a special Shabbat service on Saturday, September 17, 2011. 

Bret and Darelynn have channeled their unbounded talent, energy, ability, and enthusiasm into revivifying and strengthening Mishkan Torah’s education and youth programs to reach the vibrant point they are at today. Bret and Darelynn, who have been married for eighteen years, are both teachers by profession at the same school, Berwyn Heights Elementary School. 

Bret became Education Director of Beth Torah Congregation in 2001, and was the Education Director of the joint Beth Torah and Karp Family School during the 2004-2007 period. Bret and Darelynn joined Mishkan Torah in 2007, and Bret has served as the Chair of the Children’s Education Committee since 2007. He has led Family Services the first Friday of every month at Mishkan Torah since 2005, and Children’s High Holiday Services at Mishkan Torah since 2007.

Darelynn, who is a trained bassoonist, dancer, and music teacher, has been co-administrator of the Mishkan Torah Facebook page, helped design the Mishkan Torah website, organized the Yoga Shabbat Program at Mishkan Torah, and was Co- Chair of the Youth Programs Committee. Bret and Darelynn have not only joined their talents in behalf of Mishkan Torah’s young people, but have played in Flashlight, which they describe as a “funky/go-go band” together for the past twenty years on the wedding and bar mitzvah circuit. They have three children, Aaron, Sam, and Elta. 

Our September 17 honoring of Bret and Darelynn ceremony will be an unforgettable occasion. Events will include skits and other entertainment by students from the Karp family school, tributes to the honorees, the ceremonial presentation of the Young Leadership Award, words from the honorees, and a luncheon. There will also be a special souvenir program book. These events will occur in lieu of Musaf at the Saturday morning.  

You will not want to miss the celebration of our tireless, marvelous honorees who have done so much for our children. Tickets for the luncheon are on sale now. The Ways and Means Committee has held the price down to only $11.50 per ticket, which is essentially the price of the food. 


September 17, 2011  

Special Shabbat Service

at Mishkan Torah

in Greenbelt, MD