History of Keter ShemTov                                                        
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The history of the  Keter Shem Tov Award was initially written by Arlene Gottlieb when she received the awared in 2016.  Arlene's updated version follows.

On April 21 2018 the Brooks family will be honred with Mishkan Torah's Keter Shem Tov Award. Ithought many of you, especially our newer members, would like to know why we have this award. It started about 17 years ago when Ethel Rosenzweig, z”l, commented to her son, Dick, that we didn't have any ceremony to regularly honor our members. She had just left a funeral where a lot of nice things were said about the person who died, but it was too late for him to hear it. Ethel, along with her husband Ben, z”l, were founding members who stuck with Mishkan Torah through thick and thin, and

were the epitome of Mishkan Torah. And as Dick was telling me this, I agreed and was eager to do something to rectify that issue.

First we needed a name for the Award that reflected the honor--and Rabbi Cohen came up with Keter Shem Tov Keter Shem Tov from Pirke Avot, 4:17. At the same time First we needed a name for the Award that reflected the honor -- and Rabbi Cohen came with Keter Shem from Pirkei Avot 4:17. At the same time, we needed a recipient who personified “the crown of a good name is above them all.” Our first honoree had to be Ethel Rosenzweig. So we honored Ethel, then the Pearlmans, Hendels, Strassers, Tuckmans, Spevacks, Chopers, Silversteins, Spectors, Dick Rosenzweig, the Carmels, Oreskys, Herschlers, Rosens, then I was honored, and last year we honored the Brenners.

Keter Shem Tov has been my “baby” for the last 17 years. A few people have been tremendously helpful along the way--Alice Pearlman, z”l, Alyce Strasser z”l, Janet Davis, and Phyllis Oresky. For many years, Marsha Goldfine z”l, created a beautiful certificate for our honorees.Sisterhood catering now led by Martha Tomecek and Ellen Weiss has always fed us delicious luncheons. Many help out to make the day special for each honoree. We have a Program/Memory book that friends and family contribute to. For many years, I did the book but the task of making all the words look beautiful I have gratefully turned over to Marilyn Langfeld. I love to read all the stories and find out new things about our honorees. The memory book is amazing—especially for the honorees. Please try to write something for the Brooks family this year. You can send your memories to finance@mishkantorah.org.

Keter Shem Tov for me has been a labor of love. Ethel Rosenzweig, was right. We didn’t do enough to honor our members who have given so much of themselves. But we do now! You’ll learn more about the Brooks family in next month’s Trumpet. But for now, put April 21st on your calendar so you can help them celebrate this occasion. You can make your reservation online or fill in the flyer in this Trumpet. I guarantee, a memorable time will be had by all.