High Holiday Planning Timeline                                                      
By end of June:

Honors Committee works on assignments:  Arlene, Mark

Request board members for honorees' names:  Janet Davis

Request police security for HH:  Steve Mirsky

Review scripts for services and deliver to Mark and Arlene:  Rabbi



President's Letter to Phil Williams for inclusion in HH mailing:  Steve Ungar

Rabbi's Letter to Phil Williams for inclusion in HH mailing:  Rabbi

Publicize opting out of receiving HH mailing, accepting e-mail instead:  Nancy

      -- for response to Finance@MishkanTorah.org

Go over forms in HH mailing:  Phil



Get HH mailing packet to Mark:  Phil

Packets mailed by U.S. Mail:  Phil, and e-mailed:  Mark, six weeks before RH

Talitot to dry cleaners, Galaxie Cleaners (David Draimen):  Chris Doyle

Thank  you note to Galaxie Cleaners:  Bill


End of August:

Notify board members that side rooms unavailable starting on chair set-up date:  Janet D

Notify cleaning staff of holidays RH through Sukkot:  Nancy

Get parade permit and request police presence for Simchat Torah:  Janet Mirsky

Request for volunteers to set up chairs, restore chairs, build sukkah, take down sukkah:  Bill and Bret

Polish silver (Charry-Fishman family), polish wood on bima (Arlene)

Prepare Yizkor book:  Marilyn

Order Lulavim and Etrogim:  Yoni

Check sound system:  Yoni

Request police security: Steve Mirsky and Becky Hirsch

Polish wood on bima: Becky Hirsch and PMI

Prepare Yizkor book: Marilyn and Arlene




Rabbi handles programming, but find movie or other entertainment


After Selichot:

Prepare Torahs for HH:  change mantels, roll:  Yoni, Rabbi

Set up chairs:  Bill, Bret, Becky

Place placards, arrange spaces for handicapped seats:  Becky

Pledge cards in envelopes:  Arlene

Silk flowers:  Becky


Shabbat Preceding RH

Place Machzorim on seats



RH Day-of Tasks:

Greeters:  Hal

Shamas:  Arlene

Israel appeal:  Jeffrey and Josh Rosen

Synagogue appeal:  President

Shofar blowers:  Gary Kohn and Robert Goldberg-Strassler organize

Pledge cards (no envelopes) placed on tables: Arlene

Tickets: Arlene


Before YK:

Place Yizkor books on seats:  Arlene with help from others after Kol Nidre


YK Day-of Tasks:

Read Yizkor names:  Sue Stregack and Jan Bloom

Havdallah preparation: Sue Zuk

Shofar blowing:  Gary and Robert, including final t'kiyah g'dolah

Break-fast set up:  Sue Zuk and Tomecek-Cavigelli family

Break-fast clean-up:  need volunteers to help Sue, T-Cs


Before Sukkot:

Restore seats and put away machzorim:  Bill and volunteers

Build sukkah:  Bret and school parents



Sukkot Eve in sukkah (not in 2016)

Sukkot First Day:  services

Sukkot Second Day:  no services, but blackout day for scheduling

Shemini Atzeret and Yizkor

Simchat Torah parade:  blessing of the children, Torah reading, but shortened evening service

-- Israeli folk dancing:  Jackie and Arnold Kling

Simchat Torah Day:  no services, but blackout day for scheduling


After Sukkot:

Take down sukkah:  School parents