High Holiday Letter from President Dan Lowery                                                      

It is this time of year that I am reminded about the maritime phenomena of the doldrums. As ancient sailing ships crossed oceans for new worlds, they encountered areas where the trade winds did not blow. And since these ships were not built for rowing, it generally meant the ship moved very slowly (if at all). This made life very difficult on the crew (low morale, dwindling supplies, etc).

But once across the doldrums, they again encountered the trade winds which helped propel the ship. These trade winds also brought tropical storms. The winds of these storms could easily sink a ship but experienced crews learned techniques to keep the ship safe.

So while the summer months at Mishkan Torah bring fewer programs, we must recognize that the whirlwind of the High Holiday activities are just ahead. Our experienced committee chairs are preparing now. These enclosed time-sensitive materials need your attention. Please attend to them soon to help our chairs more easily navigate these waters.

But once the journey is over, we will set anchor in the pristine harbor of a new year. May 5775 bring us all health, prosperity and happiness. May we shed undesirable personal patterns of the “Old Year” but keep (and strengthen) our traditions. It is the chance to begin again. We are all on this journey together.


L’Shanah Tovah from Dan, Madeline and Marissa,