High Holidays  2017/5778

Please check out the following pages for information about the High Holidays at Mishkan Torah:


You can choose to either submit the online request forms or print out and send in the forms.  All members must submit ticket request forms by August 26. After this date tickets will be issued on an 'as available' basis.  There is also the option to use our online payment system.  Tickets can also be obtained by calling the office at 301-474-4223.  Anyone with a question can send an email to HHinfo@MishkanTorah.org .    
All of the material sent out in the regular mailing is available online.  If you wish to receive the High Holiday material by mail, please fill out the form below.  Simply type in your name and then click the "submit" button.  If at all possible, we urge you to rely on the online forms rather than requesting the material by mail.  You will be saving resources and saving the synagogue money.  You will also be saving work for those who give up their own time to make High Holiday arrangements for the synagogue.  If you nevertheless wish to receive the HH material by mail and are having trouble with the form, please send an email to internet@MishkanTorah.org .