Funeral Procedures

The Funeral Practices Committee is here to help members in various ways when they lose a loved one.

1. When a death occurs, please call the Rabbi. He starts the chain. Even if another Shul is handling the arrangements or if the funeral is out of town, the Rabbi will alert the committee.

2. The Rabbi sends out a message to the Announcements email list.

3.  Risa Lapidow contacts the family to offer a Shiva platter. (Tuna & bagels for after the funeral, an evening dessert tray for a Shiva minyan, or a fruit basket if out of town.)

4. If the funeral is to be held at the Shul, Ron Brooks will help with the logistics.  The committee is composed of the following people in accordance to the description and bylaws set forth in 1985:

 5. Religious Committee Chair: Minyans and prayer books

We have put together a group of people from different geographical areas to help make and deliver platters, but COULD ALWAYS USE MORE HELP.  MINYAN ATTENDANCE IS A MITZVAH.  If possible, please attend a Shiva Minyan, especially if it is in your neighborhood. It is our responsibility to ensure a minyan. You do not have to know the bereaved. It is a Mitzvah to make a Shiva call and it is incumbent upon each of us to help our congregants during this difficult time.