Frank & Greenbelt     

                      Aging With Grace     

A Gala Event Honoring 

         Frank Pearlman's 80th and Greenbelt's 75th

                     November 17, 2012  at 7:00 pm      

$18 adult/teen           $10 preteen           (Reservation by 11/10/12) 

 At the door: $20 for all    

Online Reservation

On Saturday, November 17, 2012 at seven in the evening, the Ways and Means Committee will present a Bodacious Birthday Bash Bonanza to honor the eightieth birthday of Mishkan Torah icon and fixture Frank Pearlman and the seventy-fifth anniversary of the place Frank and Mishkan Torah call home, Greenbelt, Maryland.  The evening will commence with a social hour reception, where wine and cheese and other snack foods will be served.  There will then be a program honoring Frank and Greenbelt, with speakers from the Synagogue, Frank’s life, and the Greenbelt community. The program will feature performances by Mishkan Torah artists of some of the music from Broadway and Hollywood which Frank loves and know so well.  

Frank and his late wife Alice of Blessed Memory have been pillars of the Synagogue for the decades, performing myriad services from being Men’s Club President to selling Entertainment Books.  For many years, Frank was featured in numerous stage performances both at Mishkan Torah and in the community at large. Frank not only performed in works by other artists, but wrote and produced his own Sermons in Drama. Frank remains a font of information and argument settler on all trivia and minutiae regarding Broadway and Hollywood, and is an avid Trivial Pursuit buff.  As a long time active and involved proud citizen of Greenbelt, Frank is the ideal person to share his special birthday with the commemoration of the diamond anniversary of his cherished home community.

Tickets for the entire evening are only $18 for adults and $10 for pre-teens if reserved on or before November 10. Thereafter and at the door, tickets will cost $20.  In addition, there will be a Program Book with a donations page.  There are four levels of donations; Good Friend at $18; Better Friend at $36; Best friend at $54; and BFF at $72 and up. You can order tickets and make donations directly at the Synagogue, 10 Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Maryland 20770. You may also make reservations online.  If you wish, you can also pay online.

Do not miss what promises to be a very special evening to honor the man who personifies and embodies Mishkan Torah and our Greenbelt community. We shall see you on November 17!