Discussion of Evicted                                                      
The Social Action Committee of Mishkan Torah invites all to a discussion of Matthew Desmond’s book, Evicted on December 4th at 1 PM.

Evicted is listed as one of the top non-fiction books of 2016 by the Washington Post. Matthew Desmond, an anthropologist and MacArthur Fellow, tells the stories and struggles of eight families living in poverty who face eviction.  Desmond discusses the connection between sub-standard housing, the high cost of rent, and health issues facing tenants and their families.

Mark Shroder, PhD, member of Mishkan Torah and expert on low income housing policy, will be leading the discussion. Join us as we look at questions such as:

When you think of causes of poverty, what comes to mind? Why are the poor disproportionately impacted by eviction, while the middle class are not?

How do housing conditions contribute to health issues? How are children especially affected?

What are the long-term consequences for children who don’t have stable housing?

How does eviction bind rich and poor people together? How does the relationship between rich and poor compare to the relationship between landlord and tenant? What are some ways that tenants and landlords in Evicted benefit and struggle due to their roles? On a larger scale, are there organizations or government programs mentioned in Evicted that enforce or challenge this mutual dependence?

For more information, email SocialAction@mishkantorah.org.