Betty Ladas Concert  at 7:30 pm on January 13                                                   

                            "North of Country ... South of Blues"

From New Orleans to Nashville then on to Greenbelt, Maryland, sounds logical, right? From living in the historic crowded New Orleans’ French Quarter to living in the woods… the best of all worlds. And so the music happens. Betty Ladas sees things as they are and puts it all to music. She is at home on the guitar as well as the piano, and she only wishes she had more hands so she could wrangle more on the harmonica. 

What type of music does she write? Don’t ask her… she doesn’t know. She is happy to borrow a line from a write-up on her, and so she’ll tell you it is “North of Country… South of Blues”. There are not a lot of love songs in her repertoire, maybe because everybody else is doing those kinds of songs. But you will hear about Nancy the Queen of Spin City, building the chemical park. She’s cute and she glows in the dark.

You may also think she’s been on cocaine, but she is still waiting for the one marijuana cigarette from 30 years ago to kick in, so that’s hardly likely. Betty has written songs for companies, commercials, special occasions and productions.

She wrote all the music for Choking Out The Kudzu, a new musical that’s getting some press. It ran at the Greenbelt Arts Center the month of April in 2015. Stand still long enough, and she’ll write a song about you.

Her favorite venue in which to perform is the House Concert followed closely by your local bar, coffee house, festival, barnyard, parking lot or maybe the Kennedy Center. She loves her audience, and they seem to love her right back. When her music doesn’t make you laugh, it makes you see theFrom N other side of a coin and sometimes it may break your heart, but her music will keep you entertained. And the beat goes on…

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