Come and Enjoy Yourself at a Special Earth - Friendly Bat Mitzvah Party!                                                    
Imagine a Bar Mitzvah party with no Haftorah, but where you “ haf” to have a good time! Such an occasion is coming to Mishkan Torah on Saturday night, March 21, 2015 at 7:00 PM. Then, the Social Action and Ways and Means Committees will combine to present a special earth-friendly, family-centered, swinging Bat Mitzvah party.  The night’s entertainment will be in the hands of multi-talented Bret Goldstein. His band Flashlight will provide the music for the evening’s pleasure. 

Here is a cool flyer describing the event.  For more information, keep reading the description below.  

If you plan on coming, please fill out this reservation form.  If you'd like to pay online, use the button at the bottom of the page.    

Bret founded Flashliight when he was in college in upstate New York with Darelynn Fung, now Bret’s wife and the other half of the Goldstein/Fung Dynamic Duo.The band also included two brothers and a girlfriend, who later married one of the brothers. When everyone moved to the Washington , D.C. metropolitan area, the band continued, and specialized at playing at bar and bat mitzvah parties and receptions. For the Bat Mitzvah party, the band will be joined by a special guest artist clarinetist Rebecca Lemus.

The evening program will be filled with songs and activities to appeal to all ages. The evening will begin with Havdalah. It will progress to include the kind of games, contests, line dancing, and rock ‘n’ roll dancing people enjoy at a Bat Mitzvah party. Of course there will be music galore from Bret and Flashlight, including old time Rock and Roll, Jazz, and Klezmer so everyone can dance the obligatory Horah around the Synagogue. 

This delightful evening will be ecocentric and earth-friendly. The Social Action Committee will assure that the materials used at the celebration will be recyclable and that the event will be ecologically sustainable.The Committee will serve healthy snacks as well. The event will demonstrate that a Bar or Bat Mitzvah party can be fun and entertaining, but still be socially responsible and in accord with Jewish values.

This earth-friendly Bat Mitzvah will be the perfect way to celebrate the coming of spring 2015. Instead of presents for the Bat Mitzvah girl,bring “green” presents in the form of donations to Mishkan Torah. These gifts should be at least $18 (Chai) and multiples of Chai ($18). Please make reservations by using the Flyer found in “The Trumpet” or using this simple online form. You may also pay online if you wish.  Start your spring off by joining your fellow Congregants for a special evening of music, dancing, and fun! See you there!

Reservation Form

You can pay online if you wish.  Choose the number of chai you'd like to donate and click on the "Buy Now" Button.