Bar Mitzvah - Simon Loewenstein

Mark and Karen Loewenstein are very pleased to invite the entire Mishkan Torah Community to celebrate the simcha of their son, Simon, being called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, June 2.

Simon is a seventh grade student at Francis Scott Key Middle School, where he enjoys his classes, his friends, and his teachers.

Simon loves music, especially rock and roll. He is learning to play the guitar and making great progress.

Simon began attending Family Services when he was about four. He has been coming to Miskan Torah ever since except for the year that he and his family spent in China. This year he is in the Mishkan Torah youth group. Simon is well known to members of the synagogue for his big smile, enthusiasm, and overall gregariousness. His joyful attitude is infectious.

For his Bar Mitzvah project, Simon helped his father revise the website. The revision aimed to highlight such things as upcoming events and to make the website more attractive.  Each and every page had to be reformatted; Simon's father is grateful for Simon's help in making a time consuming job a little easier.    

Please join us on Saturday, June 2 as we celebrebate Simon's Bar Mitzvah.  If you plan to attend the Kiddush luncheon after services, please make a reservation using the form below.  If you prefer, you can send an email to or call our home phone.  Please make your reservation now.

Reservations for Kiddush Luncheon on June 2