Anne Hills Concert                                                     

On the afternoon of May 4, 2014 at 3 p.m., Mishkan Torah will be privileged to host Anne Hills, a gifted, nationally known singer-songwriter & interpreter of folk music that promotes justice, love, and all things positive about the human spirit. First introduced to the metro area at the Birchmere, Anne performed with Tom Paxton & Bob Gibson in a trio known as "Best of Friends" to an enthusiastic audience. A gifted soprano with a wide vocal range, she fronted a big band at the age of fifteen for one of her first professional gigs. Anne accompanies herself on guitar & banjo. She also performs as part of a duet with David Roth (May the Light of Love), Michael Smith (The Dutchman), & Tom Paxton (Marvelous Toy) to name a few, as well as with Cindy Mangsen & Pricilla Herdman in a trio. Whether a ballad, jazz tune, comical song, love song or a children's song, each is infused with tremendous spirit and performed lovingly. For a sampling of her music, check out her website

"Anne Hills is such an exquisite singer that it's understandable that people might be swept up in the pure beauty of her voice and thereby overlook her writing.  That would be a mistake.  For me, Anne's writing, in songs like 'Follow That Road'and many others, is as direct, melodic and deep as any work being done today.  She is quite simply one of my absolute favorite songwriters." - Tom Paxton
"One of the most glorious voices in all of contemporary folk music." - Chicago Tribune

“A thoughtful romantic with a mature compassionate view of how each of us must work to fit in the world.” - Richard Meyer

"A stunning soprano tone has made Anne Hills one of contemporary music’s premiere vocalists.  Her knack for writing heartfelt songs [has] brought her to the upper echelon of her craft.” - All Music Guide

"Singer-songwriter/actress Hills is best exploring the melodic turns of dark ballads and has a knack for natural metaphors that reflect inner conundrums." - Bliss, Passadena Weekly

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